Practically perfect in every way

Betty and the husband person ventured out this fine Saturday afternoon – a rare enough occurrence, since once Betty has tottered home from work on a Saturday she seldom feels like going out again until Sunday morning – and it was a lovely day: first Betty went to a dance class, in the faint hope of meeting an old friend there, but she wasn’t. After that, Betty and the husband person went for a long-awaited lunch at Cosset in Mount Albert.


Betty had an excellent soy mocha and a filo spiral filled with spinach, walnuts and caramelised onion, which was lovely; the husband person had homestyle beans and hash browns with avocado and grilled tomato. Take that, Pythagoras.


And after that, they had a very quick sortie through Ponsonby and watched the sun set from one of their favourite miniature beaches. Isn’t it sweet?


Three things about lipbalm

1. It gives the boy person friend the quivering feebles.

2. It is best procured from Crazy Rumors, who make delicious tea- and coffee-flavoured ones, and a bunch of other ones that smell like peppermints, bubblegums, icecreams, and citrus fruits. They are silky and nommy.  My very favourite was Plum Apricot Tea Balm from their Brew collection, which they seem to have discontinued, but all the ones I’ve had have been luscious: I am quite the loyal fan. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free, and contain no petroleum products, which I like in a lipbalm, really, sheesh.

3. I have run out.

O dear. I have backup lipbalm, of course; it is New Zealand made and it says Soothing Mint on the front, but it is not the same.