Jewellery school, and other pipe-dreams

The other day I did a spot of judicious Googling and found a jewellery-making school that I want to go to. It’s in Titirangi, for one thing. Titirangi, as readers may know, is drop-dead gorgeous and contains good things like a fire station, an art gallery, and a woman named Wilhemeena, who, back in the day, used to give me a massage every fourteen months or so when one of her somatics workshops was cancelled due to underbooking. Such were the days. I haven’t seen Wilhemeena for months, and even then it was just a fleeting glimpse of her choreography at the Famous Spiegeltent in Aotea Square. And another thing. There are implements involved, and there is nothing like an art form that requires flames and hammers and death-grip pincer devices, is it.

Alas, however, I sadly recall the following facts:

Monday: leave at 0715, get back at 1800, teach until 1930 or later

Tuesday: leave at 0715, get back at 1800, teach until 1900 or later

Wednesday: leave at 0645, go straight to student group, get home around 2300

Thursday: leave between 0645 and 0845, go to other work, finish at 2230, get home who-knows-when

Friday: leave at 0615, finish at 1430, attempt social life

Saturday: leave at 0745 depending, do killer mat class, maybe teach, go to library, write like the dickens, get home around 2300

Sunday: leave for church earlyish, go to work, finish at 2230, get home who-knows-when

[Timetable is wildly variable due to high levels of security awareness and should not be relied upon for abduction or social networking purposes, but you get the idea.]

Also, it is distinctly possible that budgeting difficulties could be encountered when trying to factor in extra alloys and such-like. Not all of us can play with gold and get away with it. But still. Girlies can dream.