Hipy papy picnic

Last weekend Betty’s niece, a formidable child, celebrated her third birthday. As Betty and the husband person were both on the invitation list, they tootled down to Hamilton and went slightly out of town to the Taitua Arboretum, a pleasant arrangement of ponds, fields, forest walks and gazebos. There they met the niece (who is variously known as the Snortlepig, Pig, the Dude, and sometimes by her actual name), the niece’s parents (Smokey the Magnificent and Information Highwayman), two sets of grandparents, a small array of aunts and uncles, and the Pig’s dearest friends, who – apart from the occasional baby – happen to be quite grown up. They gathered next to the pond to share a delightful picnic.


There was cake, made by Smokey the Magnificent and prodigiously up to snuff.



It was nommy. The Pig chased chickens and had a grand old time.

Hipy papy, Pig.