Art in the Dark

It took a bit of doing, but Betty and the husband person roused themselves the other day to go out at night, to see Art in the Dark in Ponsonby.


Pretty much every nook, cranny, and clearing in Western Park was inhabited by some sort of interactive light display. People brought torches, and dogs. Indeed, it was one of the more popular dog-friendly events in recent memory. Betty’s mortal fear of dogs has been under reconstruction since several clients have begun bringing their dogs to Pilates, so that was ok.


This one had trance music.


This one smelled nice.


This one made a lot of noise.


This one made little boys dance.


Nice, no? Well done, Poncy.

Redeeming the time

Despite the eternal promise of a quiet start to the year, Betty’s 2012 has pretty much kicked off as it means to go on: most clients are back, noobs with resolutions flock to the studio, planning for university classes is well underway, and a whole evening was recently taken up with a year’s worth of invoicing. Last night, multitasking like a fiend, Betty packed the husband person into the car and drove over to the zoo, in whose general vicinity the husband person dropped off a pile of brochures. This task completed, they carried on to the circus school, which was suspiciously abandoned.

It dawned on Betty that it might have been an idea to check the timetable, because although there were open studio times over the last two weeks, the new term doesn’t start until next week.

– An empty summer’s evening!
– Any number of beautiful suburbs, beaches, and parks on the way home!
– Cafes aplenty lining the streets!

– Betty was wearing a onesie

The husband person, in the end, bought a pizza, and they parked underneath the harbour bridge (a truly gorgeous spot) while he ate it. And then they went home, and Betty invoiced eight months in advance.

Never mind. Here’s something pleasing:


This weekend is a long one, so the adventuring will doubtless take a turn for the better. Happy Friday, everybody.

Inner-city beach mish

The other day, Betty and the boy person friend had almost an entirely free day together, and so they scurried into Ponsonby to have some brunch.

This proved to be kind of a bad idea, because it was almost completely impossible to park the car, and the Society for the Improvement of the Streets of This Our City, or some such people, had blocked off one side of the road, and roads in Auckland run forever in one direction, which makes it difficult to turn around. Betty, however, kept a cool head, and parked the car an extremely long way away in a quiet residential street. It was leafy and pleasant.

Then Betty and the boy person walked along more quiet residential streets until they found the cafes, and they sat down and ate in a leisurely fashion. Betty had peppermint tea and amused herself with a wedge of lemon.

But then! When they went back to the car, the boy person friend spied the water from the end of the street, and so they went down some steps and found a nice little beach sitting right there.

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