Threw away all my grits

Young Matthew is a lovely boy and can deliver the word “grits” more pleasingly than almost anyone I have ever seen. I have seen him, too; Relient K were the headline act at Parachute a few years ago. They were quite a hit, although I do believe they misread the New Zealand audience just a little. Their big mistake was in throwing a cuddly toy into the moshpit, with express instructions that the moshers were to rip it asunder: the band didn’t want to see it return in recognisable shape, for some odd North American reason, and the moshpit, who really just wanted to listen to some songs, were a little bit nonplussed.

Jane Jane

Mary Travers is well deceased; it was last week or something. YouTube used to have a better clip of this where she shook her head more. However, we can’t very well complain now. It’s only been a week. Have some decency.

Isn’t she lovely? The boys, not so much; they look uncannily creepy; but Mary has that fresh-faced Carol Hirschfeld look about her.