It’s been very windy.


Last weekend Betty had Pilates training all weekend – first three apprentices tested out, and then all the teachers had continuing education. This means many many workouts, lots of coffee runs and organising, pep talks, early starts, and sore muscles.

There are also some significant upsides…



There should really be a photo of sweaty socks to balance that out, but such is life. Betty has now basically caught up with not having a weekend, so there’s lots more to look forward to – some sunny days, more bike rides, lots of walking (the Auckland Marathon is coming up fast), and an exciting double date… stay tuned!

Mission Bay mish

The other day, Betty and the boy person friend went to Mission Bay, which is a swish beachy affair with a Movenpick parlour. There were no Movenpick icecreams eaten on this mish, however.

Pretty, huh? They walked along the beach for a bit, and then bowed to the inevitable and went for a burger.

Betty’s was a remarkably good crumbed pumpkin and spinach pattie with salad. Nom nom nom.

While they ate, Betty wondered about the blue tarpaulin lashed to the side of the cliff. Some elderly lady, no doubt, who lives in one of the swish houses on the top of the cliff probably lowers herself onto it every morning to do her sketches.

I want to be like her when I grow up.