Seaside holiday

It was the Queen’s birthday last weekend, and Betty, the husband person, and three friends spent four days in a cottage at the beach.


The weather was perfect — blustery, misty, salty, and chilly. There was hot apple cider and soup at the cottage, coffee at the shops, and plenty of time for walking on the beach: the husband person found a puffer fish just chillin’ on the sand, and some people splashed in the water.


Betty also finished her book, Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence, which she liked. It was a lovely holiday. Long live the Queen — and hurrah for the seaside!


The time has come, the Walrus said

Betty has done many things since her last hurried post in the early hours of her wedding day: she has married the boy person friend, for one, but there has also been an array of other exciting things…

A lovely honeymoon in Queenstown, which may very well be the most beautiful place on earth:

She turned twenty-eight years old…

She celebrated Christmas in a cosy way with the husband person, and again in a largeish way with most of her family, at the zoo:

And, in one of the most exciting developments of recent times, she has taken three weeks off work, one of which is still to come, and she will assuredly spend some of it profitably, and catch up (more or less) on her blogging. To every thing there is a season.