The boy person fiance, in deference to the fact that Betty now has a new sapphire and diamond ring, bought himself an X-Box. The logic of this was undeniable, and Betty was only too happy to join him in one or two games of this and that, but it quickly turned out that Betty doesn’t really have the head for this kind of thing: she failed utterly at making Ricky Ponting hit cricket balls, and even though she was able to figure out how to get a Lego representation of Indiana Jones to swing from a light-fitting, it wasn’t enough to make the whole affair all that much fun.

But when she came across various trailers and posters for the newish game, Bioshock 2, Betty knew that she had found her niche. A post-apocalyptic dystopian dieselpunk shooter game, it’s full of portholes and mad geniuses and crazed little sisters. Betty dropped hints for a while, and the other day the boy person fiance went on a suburban mall mish and found the first volume, and now Betty plays it sometimes.

Betty likes the luscious graphics, the moderately intricate storyline, and the deeply-realised dystopian milieu. She does not like killing people with wrenches, or being tricked into completing educational puzzles at regular intervals (“hack this” my eyeball, Mr Bioshock, I don’t think). But, on the whole, Betty thinks she will enjoy finishing the game.

At the very least, it will give her an alternative to performing cricket commentary on a Friday night, which is a very good thing.