The well-tempered volcano

Betty is laid on one side, figuratively, with labyrinthitis, so this will not be a wordy review. It was a lovely night out, though. The superb Groupe F transformed the side of the Auckland Museum into a giant seismograph, and let it run…






It was awesome. A merry band of yobbos behind us narrated, which only added to the atmosphere. At one point a bunch of animated frogs marched out and destroyed an innocent rainbow, which was a terribly bipartisan thing to include. There were human Catherine wheels and kapa haka dancers and picnic rugs and an excellent tomato-spud slice and good wine from rubbish glasses and a gatekeeper who didn’t mind that Betty’s client had provided tickets for the previous night. What more could we ask?

Happy New Year!

Betty worked until 10.30 PM on New Year’s Eve, which left just enough time to drive into the city, pick up the boy person friend, and drive halfway up Mt Eden. As it turned out, the rest of the city (as well as a large percentage of Germany and the USA) had decided to join us, so everyone abandoned cars and made the rest of the trek up the hill on foot (everyone, that is, except two taxi drivers who were peeved at being stuck on the side of a hill all evening: they stayed on the lee side talking to each other the whole time, bless them). We got to the top in time to see the fireworks set off above the Sky Tower.

A beautiful welcome to 2010. Happy New Year, everyone.

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Wah Lee

Hobson Street, as local and more cosmopolitan readers will know, is a long street that is only sporadically remarkable: it contains an array of interesting though ordinary places like an intercity bus terminal, a bunch of cheap hotels, and a Denny’s.

Tucked away between some dairies and an Asian supermarket, however, is a smallish everything-store called Wah Lee. It’s apparently famous for its fireworks, but apart from that people seem to ignore its existence, which is odd, because the place is straight out of Sunnydale: just look at it.

Wah Lee

Signs on the windows advertise “Lovely Crockery”, “Paper Ball Lantern” and “Silks on Rolls”.

Wah Lee Window

Sound advice.