Swings and roundabouts

The reason for Betty’s day off today was a Skinner Releasing workshop with low-flying trapeze in Titirangi, which looks like this:


But when Betty got there, she found that it had been cancelled at the last minute due to low enrollments. Is it not always the way?


It was gravely disappointing, but it was either off the cliffs or onward and upward, so Betty headed back into the city. It’s quite a long way. There is a train, which is much more picturesque than the bus, but it turns out the trains are off this weekend. See Life, above.

Fortunately, during the bus ride Betty had a brainwave, and remembered she could drop in to the dance studio, which looks like this:


… and she did the Charleston for an hour, which is a wonderful thing to do when you’re feeling a bit stabby.


Then she met the husband person and had a lovely walk along the viaduct, learning some interesting facts, and breathing the salt air.


And on the way home they went into the fish market for the first time – not something that usually appeals to Betty’s vegetarian sensibilities, but it turns out to be quite corking.




So there you go. When you lose on the gee-gees, make lemonade, as they say.