More Buffy themed eats: Doublemeat Burgers and Cherry Pie

Season 6, Episode 12. Doublemeat Palace. The Doublemeat Burger features a slice of Nuttolene and a red bean patty (from Veganomicon, for interested readers, very good; secret ingredient, vital wheat gluten). The salad was hand-reared in Smokey’s garden, which is why there are only three tendrils of it. But that is not the point.


The cherry pie was delish. Note the literary background.


Wah Lee

Hobson Street, as local and more cosmopolitan readers will know, is a long street that is only sporadically remarkable: it contains an array of interesting though ordinary places like an intercity bus terminal, a bunch of cheap hotels, and a Denny’s.

Tucked away between some dairies and an Asian supermarket, however, is a smallish everything-store called Wah Lee. It’s apparently famous for its fireworks, but apart from that people seem to ignore its existence, which is odd, because the place is straight out of Sunnydale: just look at it.

Wah Lee

Signs on the windows advertise “Lovely Crockery”, “Paper Ball Lantern” and “Silks on Rolls”.

Wah Lee Window

Sound advice.


More Buffy themed eats!

Some themed eats are loosely based on characters; others are pulled directly from the canon. The first one here is one of Spike’s favourites — a delicacy they serve at the Bronze, which he describes as “a sort of flower-shaped thing they make from an onion. It’s brilliant.” It fascinates him endlessly: its dichotomous existence, simultaneously onion and blossom, seems to resonate with Spike, or at least confuses him in an entertaining way. “See, the genius of it is, you soak it in ice water for an hour so it holds its shape. Then you deep-fry it root-side up for about five minutes.” (Mine was baked in a beer batter, but same same.)

Xander: I believe it was vanilla, a cupcake baked in a cone and topped with (vegan) buttercream, raspberry coulis, and chocolate.

And a Weaponry Roast: Mr Pointy parsnips and roasted garlic.

I love themed eats: or, Buffy, where it all began

Several aeons ago, Smokey the Magnificent and I (devoted sisters) used to meet like old ladies twice a week, regular as gout, to make dinner and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These assignations, though rather fun, at a certain point began to feel as if they were missing something; something subtle but vital, which would breathe life into the tame ritual and infuse it with the joie de vivre.

The solution, when it hit, was obvious; no doubt you, readers, are chomping at the bit with the self-evident words. Themed Eats.

The rules, children, for creating themed eats are as follows. The eats are to be present in some form in the film or series being watched: either directly, like the noodle ring in Elvis’s Change of Habit, or more amorphously, as a ring of challah would evoke Princess Leia’s hairstyle. Simply piping “I aim to misbehave” on a cake is sloppy and reprehensible, and hardly qualifies as a themed eat.

The Buffy themed eats began with a series of cupcakes, which I present following: first, Spike, with these rather smooth Peroxide Cupcakes.

Peroxide Cupcakes


Then Drusilla, his paramour. Red velvet cupcakes, luscious and a little loony.

Drusilla Cupcake


And for Angel: the “Mr Billowy Coat, King of Pain” cupcake. A pale cupcake infused with the mortal tang of almond. A morello cherry stands in for his inert but adorable heart.

Angel cupcake

Angel, with heart


Stay tuned for more. Themed eats forever.


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