Karekare Beach adventure

Last week’s Thursday adventure was a trip to Karekare beach. It’s famous for shipwrecks, and for a film of an unseemly nature which was filmed there some years ago. Betty had never been there; she was ever so glad she went, because the beach was rather stunning. There was a short coffee run beforehand, and a somewhat leisurely afternoon tea in Titirangi afterwards, mainly because both Betty (who was driving) and the husband person were carsick on the way back, and had to stop and compose themselves. Nonetheless, it was worth it.



Seaside holiday

It was the Queen’s birthday last weekend, and Betty, the husband person, and three friends spent four days in a cottage at the beach.


The weather was perfect — blustery, misty, salty, and chilly. There was hot apple cider and soup at the cottage, coffee at the shops, and plenty of time for walking on the beach: the husband person found a puffer fish just chillin’ on the sand, and some people splashed in the water.


Betty also finished her book, Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence, which she liked. It was a lovely holiday. Long live the Queen — and hurrah for the seaside!


Inner-city beach mish

The other day, Betty and the boy person friend had almost an entirely free day together, and so they scurried into Ponsonby to have some brunch.

This proved to be kind of a bad idea, because it was almost completely impossible to park the car, and the Society for the Improvement of the Streets of This Our City, or some such people, had blocked off one side of the road, and roads in Auckland run forever in one direction, which makes it difficult to turn around. Betty, however, kept a cool head, and parked the car an extremely long way away in a quiet residential street. It was leafy and pleasant.

Then Betty and the boy person walked along more quiet residential streets until they found the cafes, and they sat down and ate in a leisurely fashion. Betty had peppermint tea and amused herself with a wedge of lemon.

But then! When they went back to the car, the boy person friend spied the water from the end of the street, and so they went down some steps and found a nice little beach sitting right there.

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Long walk home

I spent the other morning in Mairangi Bay, filling in for a holidaying teacher. This helicopter scooped up several wee buckets of water while I was having my break: perhaps it was looking for the mysterious algal terror that has been killing the penguins and dogs? We’re not supposed to let the children eat the sand. But maybe it was just thirsty.

After that, I walked home.