Practically perfect in every way

Betty and the husband person ventured out this fine Saturday afternoon – a rare enough occurrence, since once Betty has tottered home from work on a Saturday she seldom feels like going out again until Sunday morning – and it was a lovely day: first Betty went to a dance class, in the faint hope of meeting an old friend there, but she wasn’t. After that, Betty and the husband person went for a long-awaited lunch at Cosset in Mount Albert.


Betty had an excellent soy mocha and a filo spiral filled with spinach, walnuts and caramelised onion, which was lovely; the husband person had homestyle beans and hash browns with avocado and grilled tomato. Take that, Pythagoras.


And after that, they had a very quick sortie through Ponsonby and watched the sun set from one of their favourite miniature beaches. Isn’t it sweet?


Tag on, tag off


Auckland’s bus service has been slightly upgraded – instead of the old bus card, which you poked into a slot, there is a new Hop card, which you wave in front of a robot. It’s significantly cuter, though it makes annoying noises. However, there is another benefit – the old bus tickets were long strips of advertising, but the new ones are deliciously old-school.


Things I sometimes miss

And that’s not even Melbourne. It’s the QVB in Sydney. The closest thing we have to a stately mall in Auckland is probably the Queen’s Arcade. We also have the Atrium on Elliot, however. It has a series of coloured lights projected onto the floor, which zoom around from time to time. Once, Betty tripped over one of them. We try not to go there often.

Happy New Year!

Betty worked until 10.30 PM on New Year’s Eve, which left just enough time to drive into the city, pick up the boy person friend, and drive halfway up Mt Eden. As it turned out, the rest of the city (as well as a large percentage of Germany and the USA) had decided to join us, so everyone abandoned cars and made the rest of the trek up the hill on foot (everyone, that is, except two taxi drivers who were peeved at being stuck on the side of a hill all evening: they stayed on the lee side talking to each other the whole time, bless them). We got to the top in time to see the fireworks set off above the Sky Tower.

A beautiful welcome to 2010. Happy New Year, everyone.

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