One of my favourite artists, nanopod (Tosca), has just put her latest creation on Etsy. These mythical creatures are to be worn as pendants and they are pretty much the most gorgeous thing Betty has ever seen*.


*(apologies to the boy person friend and the Baggins, and so on: Betty still loves you, too)


Regrettable Food: because people who forget history are doomed to have it repeat on them, or something

What would the interwebs be without the Gallery of Regrettable Food? Not much, that’s what. My personal favourite bit is Jello Confronts the Depression, but to each his own.



“It’s clear what the surprise is: a Jell-O mold as big as your torso. Note that the cover picture shows the woman in the act of creation, gently pulling the metal mold from the quivering newborn confection. She looks down with confident serenity; the Jell-O came out well, and all is right with the world.”