I love themed eats: or, Buffy, where it all began

Several aeons ago, Smokey the Magnificent and I (devoted sisters) used to meet like old ladies twice a week, regular as gout, to make dinner and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These assignations, though rather fun, at a certain point began to feel as if they were missing something; something subtle but vital, which would breathe life into the tame ritual and infuse it with the joie de vivre.

The solution, when it hit, was obvious; no doubt you, readers, are chomping at the bit with the self-evident words. Themed Eats.

The rules, children, for creating themed eats are as follows. The eats are to be present in some form in the film or series being watched: either directly, like the noodle ring in Elvis’s Change of Habit, or more amorphously, as a ring of challah would evoke Princess Leia’s hairstyle. Simply piping “I aim to misbehave” on a cake is sloppy and reprehensible, and hardly qualifies as a themed eat.

The Buffy themed eats began with a series of cupcakes, which I present following: first, Spike, with these rather smooth Peroxide Cupcakes.

Peroxide Cupcakes


Then Drusilla, his paramour. Red velvet cupcakes, luscious and a little loony.

Drusilla Cupcake


And for Angel: the “Mr Billowy Coat, King of Pain” cupcake. A pale cupcake infused with the mortal tang of almond. A morello cherry stands in for his inert but adorable heart.

Angel cupcake

Angel, with heart


Stay tuned for more. Themed eats forever.


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