Lantern Festival

Yesterday the Auckland Lantern Festival opened in Albert Park. Betty and the husband person went out for dinner with a lovely friend, and afterwards they got icecreams and (in Betty’s case) plum sorbet from Giapo on Queen Street and wandered up the hill to see the lanterns. It was early when they got there, but it got darkish not too long afterwards, at least enough to see the lanterns glowing.

They were gorgeous:

There was a farm filled with Chinese cabbages, chickens, sheep, dogs, and a large pig in a pen…

and a snail. And there was a family of cheeky monkeys playing near the clock tower.

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Further museum adventures

This afternoon, Betty and the husband person trundled across the Domain and had a quick wander through the Auckland Museum.

First they visited some of their favourites: this little cow, who looks like he might have come, like the husband person, from the late seventies…

And this guy.

But then they explored an exhibit they’d never seen before: a reconstruction of various Auckland shops from the nineteenth century. Do read on…

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Grow House Grow

Lest we start to think that the cool kids all paint their apartments in shades of beige or grey, illustrator Katie Deedy has created a range of narrative wallpapers: quirky designs based on various figures from history and literature. They are so beautiful. This one is dedicated to Mary Treat, a nineteenth-century scholar of carnivorous plants.

Other designs are based on the work of such people as Jeanne Villepreux-Power, the “mother of aquariophily”, and a pioneering female macalogist (mollusk expert, for those readers still straggling); Christopher (an unidentified childhood friend, patently Christopher Robin); and Edward John Smith of the HMS Titanic.

Their lovely website is called Grow House Grow. Such splendid stuff.