Film eyes

The husband person, who has been accumulating gift vouchers from several Christmas presents and volunteering thankyous, bought himself a second-hand GoPro.

It’s the coolest thing ever.



He is my one true love.

We also found this coconut on the beach. Who can say why?


5 thoughts on “Film eyes

  1. Ric.NZ says:

    Good for him, Ive been wanting to get one myself, is the handle thingy worth buying only if you take selfies or what do you reckon is does? Cheers!

    • bettyscandretti says:

      Thanks, Ric! Yes, the handle has been christened the selfie-stick in our house, but I suppose it does make it easier to take grand sweeping vistas or look over other people’s fences and things. This one was second-hand, so it came with the camera – it does quite cool time-lapses just sitting on its little stand, too.

      • Ric.NZ says:

        nice! that is pretty awesome, indeed. yes totally understand the selfie nature of it, it makes sense to me. There is a guy on youtube I will find his video blogs for you to have a look, I think he is mute, but he makes some very interesting imageries out of his Gopro, look for the word MicBergsma on youtube, he is a blonde surf-liking guy. That is how I first heard of gopro about 2 years ago. Cheers!

  2. Ric.NZ says:

    You’re quite a photographer by way, we almost forget that theres one person behind the camera while photographing a… photographer! haha love that. cheers

  3. smokering says:

    Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

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