We must all make sacrifices in the cause of Art

The first day of the long weekend was lovely – first, coffee and correspondence at Raw Power.





And then a wander around the art gallery. Betty couldn’t find the Brueghel anywhere, but it was still very pleasant spending time with Colin McCahon and Len Lye.



The husband person even created an abstract portrait of Betty.


And on the way home, they watched some street performances (the Buskers’ Festival is on) and walked along the tram tracks and sat down in front of the cricket. Most idyllic! And there are two more days in the weekend!


2 thoughts on “We must all make sacrifices in the cause of Art

  1. rbjaneite says:

    So nice. What colour is your nail polish? It is very tasteful.

    • bettyscandretti says:

      Isn’t it? Two of our workmates gave two others of us vouchers for a manicure and pedicure, which we had last week; I don’t know what the name was, but I know it was Essie. My toes are a vibrant turquoise.

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