Art in the Dark

It took a bit of doing, but Betty and the husband person roused themselves the other day to go out at night, to see Art in the Dark in Ponsonby.


Pretty much every nook, cranny, and clearing in Western Park was inhabited by some sort of interactive light display. People brought torches, and dogs. Indeed, it was one of the more popular dog-friendly events in recent memory. Betty’s mortal fear of dogs has been under reconstruction since several clients have begun bringing their dogs to Pilates, so that was ok.


This one had trance music.


This one smelled nice.


This one made a lot of noise.


This one made little boys dance.


Nice, no? Well done, Poncy.

Naval adventures

The plan for this particular adventure was to end up in the city, but the bus’s battery light came on at Victoria Park, proving once and for all that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Shank’s pony to the Viaduct.


Betty and the husband person had a glorious afternoon watching this ship – a rather ad hoc arrangement of mismatched uniforms and leaky hoses, but fun nonetheless.



It’s difficult to top the Viaduct, quite frankly.


And afterwards, there was a wander through Unity Books. Betty discovered Ready Player One there, and is halfway through it (a quarter of the price on Kindle, though, with apologies to a very fine bookshop). It’s quite corking. Has anyone?

Well begun is half done

Last weekend, Betty and two workmates and a dedicated client walked the Auckland Half Marathon together. It comes highly recommended.


It begins in Devonport, which feels deliciously provincial at seven in the morning, even when packed with people and almost completely lined with portapotties. Speaking of which, Betty would advise going before one goes, or arriving at five.


This lovely bunch played “When the Saints Go Marching In” outside their garage, in support. The deep north certainly wins the prize for roadside encouragement.


The biggest encouragement, however, was the chance to walk over the Harbour Bridge. They close it at nine, so those who started at seven have to scurry. The Pilates crew ran all the downhills, and still arrived with only fifteen minutes or so to spare. And it was worth it.



Down there is where Betty broke her ankle, once. Good times.


These things are great – the benefits are 50% glucose-related, 10% caffeine-related, and 40% organic-smugness-slash-graphic-design-appreciation-related. The chocolate ones are also excellent.

The course finishes after a trip past the tank farm…


…and the trendy restaurants…


And the boats!


And so on, and you get a banana at the end. No expense spared. Very well-organised. Betty has just a few tips for those thinking of doing the half marathon next year, viz:

1. Wear something decent, because between the finish line and Queenie’s Lunchroom an undies, undies, undies, togs moment does occur. In reverse, naturally.

2. Rent a flat with a bath, in future.

3. The Thorlos socks feel like an extravagance before the race, but they are not.

4. Zombies for the win.


Twelve months to go.