Little adventures

Well, Betty is still alive, despite the radio silence. Just the other day, she and the husband person ventured out to Little & Friday and had some carrot cake.


Betty also had a Hakanoa ginger toddy, which was very full of life.


And after that, Betty cycled along to the ferry terminal to look at the view. The bicycle will have to be properly introduced in a separate post; for now, here are some of the sights.


Looking out at Bayswater. And the bell. It’s very ding-y.


A dinghy.


One can stop for sustenance on the way home. One didn’t, but it’s nice to know one could.


And one rides home through the mangroves. This is the Devonport-Takapuna green route, and it’s lovely to cycle.

2 thoughts on “Little adventures

  1. mumofruth says:

    What happens on the green route if you meet a fellow cyclist approaching from the opposite direction?

  2. bettyscandretti says:

    Well, that particular path is quite shortish, so you could make a honking noise and back up, if it came to that. I did in fact meet two smallish, largeish boys on their way home from school, and had to turn sideways. All very convivial. The other parts of the green route, or the half I’ve traversed, are either wide pavements or quiet side streets.

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