Karekare Beach adventure

Last week’s Thursday adventure was a trip to Karekare beach. It’s famous for shipwrecks, and for a film of an unseemly nature which was filmed there some years ago. Betty had never been there; she was ever so glad she went, because the beach was rather stunning. There was a short coffee run beforehand, and a somewhat leisurely afternoon tea in Titirangi afterwards, mainly because both Betty (who was driving) and the husband person were carsick on the way back, and had to stop and compose themselves. Nonetheless, it was worth it.



Sweet things from London

Betty’s dear sister sent her a lovely package from London: a necklace by Lucie Ellen, and a starburst lens filter that fits the husband person’s iPhone. They’re both adorable!


Betty thanks her sister very kindly, and plans to appropriate said husband’s iPhone more regularly in the future.

A pastoral adventure

After Betty’s usual dance class on Saturday, she and the husband person went to Cornwall Park. It was all looking very springlike, and dotted with people enjoying the sunny, if crisp, atmosphere…


This chap was extremely friendly, even though he’d been on his feet all afternoon posing for photographs.



All in all, it was a lovely chance to walk on the grass and ease out of winter.