Army adventures

The Scandretti-Person household now adheres to a strict regimen of mandatory adventures, held biweekly: on Thursdays, which are Betty’s day off, there is generally a long sleep-in followed by a drive, and on Saturdays, after Betty finishes teaching, there is a dance class in the city followed by some sort of urban hijinks.

For example! On a recent Thursday, the plan was to drive up to the beautiful Shakespear Regional Park. It turned out to be closed, but Betty and the husband person were still able to get to one of the small beaches just inside the park limits.


It’s called Army Bay. Wanna know why?


It was lovely fun: Betty and the HP watched a great many black-suited men manoeuvre their inflatable boats out to sea (which didn’t appear to be as easy as it looks – but points for effort) and then explored the beach in detail. There were more departed starfish than Betty had ever seen. There was a pizza. There was fresh salt air. On the way home, they stopped at a mall and husband person bought Betty a copy of Brigadoon (Gene and Cyd, seventeen-minute dance sequence, four dollars). An excellent adventure, indeed!

A happy milestone

The other day the husband person introduced Betty to a favourite fish and chip shop (just down from Karangahape Road, and with an excellent hygiene rating), and Betty had her first hot dog. New Zealanders, when they say hot dog, generally mean a battered sausage on a stick, rather than a frank in a bun with mustard. It was quite exciting for Betty to find a vegetarian one on the menu, and so she bought one with sauce, and ate it in the v. lovely park underneath the harbor bridge.


It was everything she’d hoped for. And the view was rather magnificent:


The chips were also good. Simple pleasures.

Practically perfect in every way

Betty and the husband person ventured out this fine Saturday afternoon – a rare enough occurrence, since once Betty has tottered home from work on a Saturday she seldom feels like going out again until Sunday morning – and it was a lovely day: first Betty went to a dance class, in the faint hope of meeting an old friend there, but she wasn’t. After that, Betty and the husband person went for a long-awaited lunch at Cosset in Mount Albert.


Betty had an excellent soy mocha and a filo spiral filled with spinach, walnuts and caramelised onion, which was lovely; the husband person had homestyle beans and hash browns with avocado and grilled tomato. Take that, Pythagoras.


And after that, they had a very quick sortie through Ponsonby and watched the sun set from one of their favourite miniature beaches. Isn’t it sweet?