Seaside holiday

It was the Queen’s birthday last weekend, and Betty, the husband person, and three friends spent four days in a cottage at the beach.


The weather was perfect — blustery, misty, salty, and chilly. There was hot apple cider and soup at the cottage, coffee at the shops, and plenty of time for walking on the beach: the husband person found a puffer fish just chillin’ on the sand, and some people splashed in the water.


Betty also finished her book, Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence, which she liked. It was a lovely holiday. Long live the Queen — and hurrah for the seaside!


3 thoughts on “Seaside holiday

  1. rbjaneite says:

    Was the puffer fish dead, or do they chill on the sand waiting for the tide to come back in? I am unfamiliar with their habits…

  2. Bobbyjo says:

    You may notice this particular one is missing its eyes… it was most certainly deceased.

  3. rbjaneite says:

    He could have had black eyes. I wasn’t sure.

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