Betty has a nephew

Betty’s excellent sister Smokey had a baby. Here, the baby’s sister (known around the interwebs, as indeed in real life, as the Snortlepig) shares a cosy moment with her mother, admiring him. He’s two days old. Aren’t they all sweet?


Seaside holiday

It was the Queen’s birthday last weekend, and Betty, the husband person, and three friends spent four days in a cottage at the beach.


The weather was perfect — blustery, misty, salty, and chilly. There was hot apple cider and soup at the cottage, coffee at the shops, and plenty of time for walking on the beach: the husband person found a puffer fish just chillin’ on the sand, and some people splashed in the water.


Betty also finished her book, Zero Decibels: The Quest for Absolute Silence, which she liked. It was a lovely holiday. Long live the Queen — and hurrah for the seaside!