20110407-104107.jpg Betty’s new favourite cafe is Hum – in a near-derelict house at the hospital end of the Grafton bridge, shared by an artists’ collective, and with plans to include a deli and food in the future. Just now Hum serves excellent Kokako organic coffee, and keeps oat milk on hand as well as soy. Proceeds from the coffee go to restoring the house, which is beautiful and cosy, and in the meantime there is always a spot on one of the sofas whenever Betty wants to have a post-lecture mocha or shelter from the rain.

Betty especially likes the coloured lanterns that hang everywhere – along the verandah, in the fireplace, from the ceiling – and the genial, friendly staff.







7 thoughts on “Hum

  1. Janet Moore says:

    Dear Betty,

    I will be the first peron to dislike your post as123 Grafton Road is a heritage building with a history of ownership by people who helped to build Auckland.My Great Great Grandmother was one of these along with her husband Master mariner Alexander Farquhar.
    I agree with you that the building was near derelict when it was taken over by the falling apple trust but that was no reason to paint a tagging style mural advertising product all over the bottom of the building.The net effect of the lanterns and mural to make the house look like something the Adams family might have lived in or something the Chow brothers might own.
    Sorry,I would like to support this cafe but so far as I’m concerned they have got off to a bad start.How can they seriously profess to wanting to restore this building when they are setting about cutting down the rest of the natiuve trees on the property to create a car park for the tavern ?
    Goodness knows I appreciate the need for students to have a place to hang out but let’s have a bit more dignity for the old girl please.The building has good bones.Please respect it’s heritage !

    Janet Moore

    • Nigel Gruntfuttick says:

      Total shambles! A disgrace to Grafton and residents. Takes Grafton back to the days of degenerates and misfits. As Tui would say. “Art?” Yeah, right!! More like mindless graffiti!!

      • bettyscandretti says:

        I still like Hum, though I have nothing much against degenerates or misfits and have noticed better grammar in the public graffiti space than in your comment, Nigel. However, it’s as may be – I have no claim on the building and hardly any right to an opinion. I’m more saddened by generic gentrification than the dignity of bohemian degeneration.

  2. Outdoorfreak says:

    As a long term resident of Grafton, I’m saddened by what is going on at 123…the people who are “renovating” this historic building have no connection with our tight knit community and are doing their utmost to continue alienting most residents and local businesses. Grafton is, and has always been, a bohemian community. We don’t need the “residents” of 123 (who predominantly live in Grey Lynn) proclaiming to the people of Auckland how fabulous they are by painting large philosopical slogans around the property. Take the latest example – “it’s 100% possible to live without fossil fuels”. On a typical day, there are no less than 5 smoke billowing old cars parked on the back lawn chewing through god knows how much petrol and oil on their journeys to and from “bohemian central”. Go figure! We’re a very tolerant bunch here in Grafton, but I know I’m not alone in wishing they’d leave our community alone and spend their days trying to convery Grey Lynn instead.

  3. As a long term resident of Grafton, I am saddened by what is going on at 123. The “renovations” have completely changed the look of this historic building (take a look at original photographs to see what I mean), and the “workers” (who live in Grey Lynn) have done their utmost to alienate themselves from our very tight knit community. Grafton has always been inclusive and bohemian. What is happening at 123 is neither. Decorating a run down building with second hand items in an eccletic style does not make the creator “bohemian”. And to your point about “generic gentrification” – if 123 isn’t a monument to the old gentry, what is?! It wasn’t cutting edge architecture, either, by the way. It was built in the style fashionable in the time. Quite a generic structure, by all accounts…

    • bettyscandretti says:

      Yes well, your comments are noted but misdirected – I have no link to the building, I am not on the committee, I merely buy a coffee every once in a while. The last time I went to Hum I was thoroughly drenched by a hose that escaped from the roof, and they gave me a free one. Sort of a win-win.

  4. Janet Moore says:

    Dear Betty,

    I must say I’ve had to reconsider my position on the renovations at 123 since the unveiling.It’s looking much better without all the white drapery and the graffiti and has scrubbed up well thanks to the determination of Rosy Armitage and her team.Accordingly,I’m going to donate some old photographs of the Farquhar family to enhance the heritage aspect and will call into Hum cafe and try the coffee.


    Janet Moore

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