Lantern Festival

Yesterday the Auckland Lantern Festival opened in Albert Park. Betty and the husband person went out for dinner with a lovely friend, and afterwards they got icecreams and (in Betty’s case) plum sorbet from Giapo on Queen Street and wandered up the hill to see the lanterns. It was early when they got there, but it got darkish not too long afterwards, at least enough to see the lanterns glowing.

They were gorgeous:

There was a farm filled with Chinese cabbages, chickens, sheep, dogs, and a large pig in a pen…

and a snail. And there was a family of cheeky monkeys playing near the clock tower.

Betty especially liked the fishies, shells and seahorses. Once, when she was a little girl, Betty saw a seahorse being born.

And some penguins. Aren’t they sweeties?

The festival will finish tomorrow, and rabbits will be quite the thing for the whole year.

3 thoughts on “Lantern Festival

  1. Mother says:

    That is a very nice penguin

  2. bettyscandretti says:

    Isn’t it?

  3. rbjaneite says:

    The baby one is merping at the big one!

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