Further museum adventures

This afternoon, Betty and the husband person trundled across the Domain and had a quick wander through the Auckland Museum.

First they visited some of their favourites: this little cow, who looks like he might have come, like the husband person, from the late seventies…

And this guy.

But then they explored an exhibit they’d never seen before: a reconstruction of various Auckland shops from the nineteenth century. Do read on…

It was sweet–there was a collection of kitchen items from a hotel or public-house that included a very fine Foot Warmer and Bed Bottle, as well as an array of other comforts…








And there was an apothecary’s shop full of tinctures and good advice.

“Royal mothers use Ashton & Parsons’ Infants’ Powders: For the little Princes and Princesses during the time of teething, and for fretfulness, and the many little ailments incident to infancy.”

One thought on “Further museum adventures

  1. Mother says:

    I used Gripe Water for you. It still had grog in it then. and Dill. I don’t think it is the same these days.

    You imbibed a lot of it. but you still Griped.

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