At Theobroma at St Luke’s the other day I had this soy hot chocolate. They do an interesting chilli hot chocolate, too, and if you get a big one it comes in a mug with a candle underneath it. Chocolate and open flame — a truly Betty combination. It’s not a perfect chocolate: it mostly makes me wish there was a Koko Black or even a Max Brenner in the country, but nonetheless, chocolate does the trick.

3 thoughts on “Theobroma

  1. katrina says:

    have you seen the movie, Chocolat? she placed a teaspoon of chili in hot chocolate and i’ve been curious about ever since. sounds really delightful and i have to try one of these days.
    this is a pretty photo, betty. i love the the foam heart.

    happy sunday!

  2. bettyscandretti says:

    I haven’t seen Chocolat, but I think I need to remedy that soon! Chilli in chocolate is incredible. Lindt make a block of chilli chocolate that’s really good, and I have a recipe for Mexican chocolate cupcakes that’s yummy. Let me know if you try it!

  3. Kelley Anne says:

    Oh that looks so good. I love Mexican Hot Chocolate with a little kick to it. I’m always trying out different places and different types during the winter.

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