Museum adventures

Betty has been enjoying her long sleep-ins, and has spent a goodly amount of time watching The Office and not working out, but even so, yesterday she decided to behave like a grown-up person and go and do something useful. Not useful exactly, because what she decided to do was this: she would hop into the car and go to St Luke’s mall, because you can park there easily, and after that, she would go to the museum.

St Luke’s was a pleasant enough interlude, though Betty did get accosted by a cuticle-oil salesman; she extricated herself and did a modest amount of wandering around. Then she had a brief jaunt down Karangahape Road and found a shop selling handmade satin slippers with embroidery on them, which she has half a mind to buy and wear to work sometimes, because it’s all indoors and her current sneakers leave giant footprints on the mats. Then she picked up the boy person friend and headed to the museum.

They were only an hour before closing time, so it was a selective trip.

They looked at the dinosaurs, and then at the kiwi eggs and the albatrosses. There is a moa skeleton from a collection in England. Interesting.

It seems odd, though, that museums don’t ordinarily have a human anatomy section. They have a mummy — Betty discovered it by accident on an early date with the boy person friend, shortly after explaining to him that he was on no account to let her see it. He announced its presence with some surprise, causing Betty to quail within and freak out. It’s a smallish mummy; it looks about ten or twelve, horrible wizened-up thing.

Still, though, a bit of comparative anatomy wouldn’t go astray. Betty casts her vote for a few plastinated cadavers, or at least some human skeletons to stand beside the dinosaurs, for scale, and so on.

After the natural history section, they had a quick whip round the war:

…and the archives.

And then it was time to go home, a fact that was made abundantly clear by the ringing of the Last Post. Betty, however, has firm plans to go back for the special exhibition on roses (sequel to the special exhibition on orchids). Museums are lovely.

13 thoughts on “Museum adventures

  1. mother says:

    What you wants, dearie, is a trip to the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London. No shortage of human anatomy specimens there.

  2. bettyscandretti says:

    I do!

  3. Smokering says:

    “Museums are lovely”. Pah. My strongest memory of a museum is being quite literally dragged by yourself and another callous sister through mazes of leering moa reconstructions, whopping great stags at bay and signs pointing to Marine Mammal Skeletons, WITH my eyes shut, wibbling, while a museum worker tactfully tried to ascertain whether or not I was going to throw a fit. Which I very nearly did. ‘Orrible.

  4. bettyscandretti says:

    Was this or was it not at your own request, and tempered by your insatiable desire to see the replica corpse of Boromir at Te Papa? Could it or could it not be argued that we were fulfilling a necessary and most compassionate part of your care and feeding?

  5. Smokering says:

    No, no. The LOTR exhibition was months later, and was psychologically interesting in that it pitted a phobia against an obsession, always a fun thing to do. I did go in the end, but I had to shut my eyes all the way to the salient room and not think about the whacking great anchor in the lobby.

  6. mother says:

    They have the colossal squid now. We saw it on Wednesday last. It is a bit the worse for wear, but they’ve sutured up a few of the tattier bits and it lies in some kind of preserving fluid in its own plexiglass tank. so we can all see it. It used to be a lovely scarlet clolour, but it’s gone a sort of brownish-blotchy-slightly disintegrating hue around the edges now. Still…

  7. Smokering says:

    …Still what? I mean… dude. I mean, Mother.

  8. bettyscandretti says:

    Didn’t that thing used to be alive?

  9. mother says:

    It was originally. But not after they froze it solid and brought it back to civilisation to be looked at.

  10. bettyscandretti says:

    Ah, of course. What’s the one I’m thinking of, some octopoid creature, escaped from its tank and oozed over the floor, wee rascal that it was…?

  11. mother says:

    That was the octopus at Kelly Tarlton. Quite a different chap. Although the squid is a she – they all are, apparently. At least, no-one has ever found a he one of these particular colossals.

  12. Smokering says:

    There were also the velociraptors in Jurassic Park. That didn’t end well. And they were all female too. So it pays to be wary.

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