I love Rob Ryan

I’ve hankered after his skirt for Clothkits for ages, I’ve oohed and aahed over some balsa boxes with his designs on them, I try not to go to his Etsy shop too often (which is not difficult lately because he’s taking a holiday, but generally it’s a permanent public temptation) — these cutouts are quite breathtaking.

4 thoughts on “I love Rob Ryan

  1. katrina says:

    dear me, i’ve Tubmblr’d a couple of his pieces — his designs and poetry melt my heart.

  2. Miriam says:

    Ooh, his studio was featured on design*sponge just the other week – look it up, it\s sooo nice. He’s been commissioned to do lots of stuff in London at the moment – billboards and the like for one of the big department stores or supermarkets – I forget which.

  3. mother says:

    Betty’s mother almost bought one of his cards for Batty in London, but was not sure if Betty would like them as much as she (her mother) did. Alas!

  4. mother says:

    I did not mean to write Batty. Truly.

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