3 thoughts on “Angels: or, some people get their big break hanging from the monkey bars while a CCM singer wanders around underneath them

  1. Mother says:

    Wow. How did those girls DO that with their hair? Every morning before school. Did you see this flashing before your eyes when the Takapuna car came at you?

  2. Miriam says:

    Thank *you*, now I have the song in my head. Charming.

    Angels must have been a theme at the time: the first CCM single I can remember listening to was “Entertaining Angels”.

  3. bettyscandretti says:

    “Entertaining Angels” was the first one I knew from the radio, but the Amy Grant video was on TV when we lived in Echuca. Were you there when the Newsboys played it at Parachute? When the whole mainstage went lalloo and the wee violins struck up and so on? It was a moving moment.

    No, I don’t recall seeing that particular perm, or the mysteriously threatening yet supernatural figure in the tuxedo, but it’s nice to be assured that they were on hand nonetheless.

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