Wah Lee

Hobson Street, as local and more cosmopolitan readers will know, is a long street that is only sporadically remarkable: it contains an array of interesting though ordinary places like an intercity bus terminal, a bunch of cheap hotels, and a Denny’s.

Tucked away between some dairies and an Asian supermarket, however, is a smallish everything-store called Wah Lee. It’s apparently famous for its fireworks, but apart from that people seem to ignore its existence, which is odd, because the place is straight out of Sunnydale: just look at it.

Wah Lee

Signs on the windows advertise “Lovely Crockery”, “Paper Ball Lantern” and “Silks on Rolls”.

Wah Lee Window

Sound advice.


Jane Jane

Mary Travers is well deceased; it was last week or something. YouTube used to have a better clip of this where she shook her head more. However, we can’t very well complain now. It’s only been a week. Have some decency.

Isn’t she lovely? The boys, not so much; they look uncannily creepy; but Mary has that fresh-faced Carol Hirschfeld look about her.