Sometimes life leaves me nonplussed

So I was walking home from work the other day (very carefully, mind) and I came across a boutique window. I have been into this boutique before, which was a mistake: it’s rather small and it creates awkwardness when leaving, but still, she often has nice wee jackets. Nevertheless, I walked past at speed (but carefully), and so it took me a moment to register the shirt that was displayed in the window.

Slow Woman Crossing

What on earth, gentle readers? I’m genuinely perplexed. Should I be offended, or delighted?

Regarding a related matter, people do think you’re a bit suspish when you lurk around their boutiques taking photographs.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes life leaves me nonplussed

  1. Mother says:

    Was said boutique anywhere near where you recently crossed the street and met with the car? Does the proprietress know the driver?
    As a general warning to the public at large, it may be useful. Especially in Takapuna during the hours when you are Out and About.

  2. bettyscandretti says:

    It was slightly down the road from the Scene of the Crime, thank *you* very much. And it was miles from the other end of the road where you can see the cliff where I had to hop up after I broke my other ankle, so put that in your pipe. And she was going quite slow, when she drove into me.

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