I spent a fascinating afternoon being psychometrically tested in the hopes of getting a rather perfect job. It was fascinating. I answered about forty trillion fascinating questions: some putting letters in order, intuiting the next number in a random sequence, locating the intersection of the square and the circle, pricing lengths of string, and pairing up related words, and some revealing my secret desires for a career in zoology over vivisection. I was asked repeatedly whether I would really, if money were no object, make pottery, or would perhaps prefer to party with friends.

The test was, naturally, designed to be impervious to devious nutters wishing to skew the results, and therefore I will have to wait until early next week to learn my fatal flaws. Agog.

2 thoughts on “Psycho-metric!

  1. Mother says:

    I scarcely like to ask, but …. what kind of job is thet?

  2. bettyscandretti says:

    It’s a super one. I wants it. Support Worker at a Christian mental health community facility. They should call me back next week.

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