Why does the word “arnica” appeal to me? I’ve been using it (the herb, not the word) to disperse my substantial bruise-acreage. It has no particular scent: in face, there’s no particular way of knowing it’s in there at all. Allow me to free-associate a little: arnica reminds me, irrationally, of homoeopathy, which reminds me of Susan Sarandon as Marmee March, bless her, which reminds me of New England, which reminds me, neatly, of Dr.Hauschka’s Birch-Arnica body oil. That one does have a scent; it’s a bit like a forest floor crossed with a Swedish bathhouse. Yummers.

I do know a couple of people called Anneke or Annika, but I am perplexed as to why I would find arnica so nice — homey, efficacious, vaguely eccentric, and good.

2 thoughts on “Arnica

  1. Mother says:

    Did Marmee practice homoeopathy? I don’t recall. Transcendentalism, yes. Soup for the poor, yes. But homoeopathy? I don’t know. Perhaps I am getting forgetful.

  2. bettyscandretti says:

    In the Gillian Armstrong film version of 1994, a treatment not without its flaws, the sisters have a massive book of homoeopathy and consult it for one of Beth’s fevers, saying rather callously that she “looks more like belladonna”. Not ezackly canon, but.

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