I first heard of Coraline when a friend sent me a link to the rather lovely official website. coraline

Then I missed it at the film festival. But then! One who shall remain delicately nameless took me to see it at the Village on Queen Street.

I have mixed feelings about Neil Gaiman. On the one hand, Stardust; but on the other, such pretentious travesties as the Sandman and “Snow, Glass, Apples”. Still, though, some university cronies of mine once had a superb bash at “We Can Get Them For You Wholesale”, so it’s only fair to give the guy a chance.


He steps up, in Coraline, generally. A couple of plot points are played with all the artistry of a kids’ video game, and there are some distracting breaks in tone, but not enough to completely ruin the mood. Some things that should by rights have made it into the negative column, like French and Saunders, actually do a decent job.

But visually, Coraline is absolutely stunning. The baddies are just awful with their buttony eyes and skeletal hands, and the garden and forest that Coraline discovers are so richly realised, it’s lovely.

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